27 November 2005

I came up with an idea for a company that sells self-knowledge. It's like management consulting, but it gives you annual or business cycle reports that provide you with self-knowledge. The thinking being that you can be a seriously flawed individual, but if you've got enough self-knowledge you can probably function fairly competently.

Tagline: Isn't it time you introduced yourself?

The process necessitates an "assessment workshop" involving extensive personality profiling of the client, some scenario-based testing including role-play, group work, negotiation and improv; and some work on perception retrieval and self-image. Friends and family members would be approached for behavioural predictions and character analysis "witness surveys", with results adjusted to compensate against cognitive dissonance. The client's referees are interviewed.

There's an optional upgrade which allows for electronic enhancement. What this is - some clients feel uncomfortable with this - is a high-confidentiality premium service which combines statistical analysis of bio-data and wire bodywear with intensive micro-data-mining of commercial and online activity. These advanced streams prove particularly useful for identifying what we call "trigger correlates". These can range from associations such as what words make you more likely to fry eggs in the morning and what conversational style puts you on the defensive, to who you are attracted to and who you feel threatened by in your proximate environment.

It's not really supposed to endow you with competitive advantage, just a greater capacity for operating effectively in social interaction, with improved objectivity of perception and clarity of thought. You leave the focus sessions with a clutch of pie charts and a better chance at happiness.

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