1 December 2005

You'd be forgiven for thinking that conservative middle America and the Catholic church want more Africans to die - as many as possible. The number of people worldwide infected with HIV has now passed the 40 million mark. (An extra 5m this year). Yet the Catholic church still condemns the use of contraception. And the US still restricts support for NGOs that promote the use of condoms. (Under the rules of the PEPFAR/Emergency Plan no more than 14% of the donated money can be spent on promoting condom use - instead abstinence and faithfulness get crowbarred onto the policy agenda where prevention is even considered).

If you know anything at all about human nature, you'll know that people are not going to just stop having sex. In case you've not been following this, condoms are an effective way of reducing the chances of getting the HIV virus through sexual intercourse. And the HIV virus causes Aids.

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