30 March 2006

As we gathered underground beneath the heaving Club 23 planks yesterday, Laura pointed out to me that last week during my driving test if I'd simply given money to the man on a bicycle who'd interrupted to beg from my examiner, I wouldn't have had to brake minutes later to avoid him when our orbits coincided. The claim here is that through our individual actions we create the conditions of our own driving.
Also yesterday I found out what a "panty raid" is. Someone explained it to me. Wouldn't it be more fun if you raided panties that were actually being worn? And the panties had snack food inside them? Like Cheetos, Doritos and maybe some grapes. Who wants to get a clean pair of panties? How is that good? You're what, you're going to flaunt them around? That's immature. I want my panty raid to leave me sated. There should be booty.

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