2 May 2006

Why are we always raising awareness? I want to see if I can lower awareness. About things in general. The strategy will be as follows. I'm going to distribute wristbands, I'll have a stand in LaFortune, I've organised a t-shirt tie-dyeing event for later in the week and I'm thinking about maybe even circulating an online petition. Wear your ribbon with nonchalance and join me in marking Oblivious Week.

This week's irrelevances to be forgotten are the Chicago labour origins of May Day, officially endorsed US interrogation procedures which look for all the world like torture even before the cellophane is off, and extensive continuous domestic surveillance in the land of the free (as brought to you by AT&T in association with Narus). Ignore these things with me and let's help to make Oblivious Week a success!


  1. Heresy! Awareness must be raised! Next thing you'll be saying your against change.

  2. Hello Wicks,
    I can see you're trying to sabotage Oblivious Week. I'm just going to sit tight and wait for this one to blow over. Also, I need to check this with you, have I made a paradox yet? Take that home, chew it. It's delicious.