6 October 2006

There's this Sparklehorse B-side called "Dead Opera Star" that speaks of a place "where all the planet's neon goes to die" and where "the soul of an unbaptised infant, he swims the waters upsetting boats". Today, by committee, the Vatican has declared that the souls of unbaptised infants, well, dey ain't gonna go to no limbo no mo.


  1. Hey Douglas, that's a reference to (or a steal from) a Lenny Bruce line: "Miami Beach is where neon goes to die."

  2. Cheers Peter,
    You know, it's weird, all the lyrics websites claim (from behind their miasma of popup windows) that the line is "where all the planets beyond goes to die". Which makes no sense. And also isn't right, I think.
    More news as I get it.

  3. Yeah, so I checked (lots of times) today and it's definitely "all the planet's neon" - in keeping with Lenny Bruce. Glad that's sorted out.