1 November 2006

Nowadays few people realise that it's thanks to Lynx's theoretical breakthroughs in the field of men's toiletries that scientists today are able to understand and predict the smell of gravity.

Time was when Lynx [Axe] only came in sprays named after things you could actually identify with a smell. Such as "Musk", "Spice" and "Africa".

In the late twentieth century, however, it was decided (by committee) that it would be okay to think outside the box. Lynx people went ahead and "Axed" some pretty big metaphysical questions. Questions like: "If you could smell touch, what would it sense like?" and "When, in the life cycle of a phoenix, does it not smell unpleasant?".

But the work they would no doubt like to be remembered for most is surely their remarkable solution to the famously intractable Riemann-Öder Problem - or more explicitly, the question: "On average, what is the smell in any given dimension?"

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