30 December 2006

I'm in Berlin. If you're looking for a good Moroccan restaurant near Unter den Linden in Berlin, Kasbah is about 15 minutes walk away. It's tasty, filling and the service is conscientious. Mains for a tenner (in pounds).

And finally, here's my Review of the Year:
Europe kept going on about the environment this year; Parts of metropolitan and west coast America paid attention; (PRODUCT)RED was launched; Snakes on a Plane even existed; Russia went back to its old ways; In the midst of rampant global anti-Americanism Borat was a guilty pleasure; We killed Saddam and by now we'd made a right Mesopotamia; And "Bree" was popular.
We'd so far talked "freedom" as we curtailed civil liberties, but this year we talked more about "integration" as we radicalised Muslims.

Overall 2006 was okay, but I wouldn't take my kids to see it. Three stars.

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