6 December 2006

So, Pan's Labyrinth. A good fairytale. And visually incredibly compelling. But what. Maybe it's that I'm getting a bit tired of fairytales. Is it that you've got to allow people their fairytales to grant them the dignity of belief and meaning in their lives? But after $2 trillion dollars [£1.01 trillion] you wonder if there aren't more realistic assessments. Ones that are less violent and zealous. On which point: Pan's Labyrinth - it's no moral maze.

In Japan over the summer I was in talks with followers of a new religious movement about doing some translation work for them. I sat in on a meeting in which the leader admonished us to look beyond surface appearances and discriminate between what is real and what is not real. He then explained that we're all part of a universal life force energy and everyone held up a glass ball to their foreheads to try and focus their energy. I was missing a glass ball. And I think that's been the problem.

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