17 January 2007

The Wii was great (stayed in work till 10). I'm going to single out Laser Hockey from Wii Play for its sizzling neon bravura, its fit for the interface and because it's unashamedly Pong.

When Gumpei Yokoi was killed in '97 people asked if Nintendo would keep its inventive spirit - and its playfulness. Back in the 8-bit and 16-bit console wars it looked like it was appealing to a younger audience. When Sony rolled into the industry and cannily broadened out the demographic into the cool teens and twenties, Nintendo looked even more like a toymaker making cartridges for children. By the time Microsoft saw the convergence and the industry's revenue was larger than music and film combined, things had changed. The mainstream is a place where Nintendo can do well again. Over in Japan the DS is being marketed to young women and the elderly; and in living rooms across Europe and the US the Wii could well end up bringing the family together every now and again. That's what the original NES used to evoke in Japan, "Famicom" - Family Computer.

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