14 January 2007

World peace came a step closer today as the International Committee of the Red Cross (also Red Crescent) formalised the new version of their logo which holds almost no symbolic meaning. The innovative Red Crystal (a hollow square at 45° to the perpendicular) has been internationally hailed as an example of how, instead of tolerating difference, we should work to obscure it.

Analysts say this strategy of adopting a new, meaningless symbol with no history of use may herald an era of perpetual symbolic renewal or “permanent revolution” for the organisation; perhaps comparable to that ongoing in the entity formerly known as Abbey National (now simply “Prince”).

An ICRC spokesperson commented, “We knew the new emblem had to be devoid of meaning – and begin with the letter “C”. And we’re delighted with Red Crystal”. There are indications that a group identifying itself as The Church of the World of Warcraft is preparing to mount a legal challenge over ownership of the Red Crystal.

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