26 February 2007

I have a Korean friend who used to kindly ask whether you'd had a "memorable" time over the weekend. I like this. Although it does suggest the speeding up of history. Speaking of the memorable, this (from a radio interview with Tony Blair) made me stop what I was doing last week.

John Humphrys: "Let me put to you why it has been the disaster that it is. At no stage did you and George Bush properly consider the consequences of what you were going to do. You had no real plan for the country; Bush ignored the warnings – you perhaps too – of people who knew the country and the dangers that were presented by you invading it; The intelligence was bent to suit the policy rather than the other way around. There was only one objective: the Washington neocons were determined to get rid of Saddam come what may, and you gave that your support; And from that decision everything flowed. All these consequences flowed from that decision."

Tony Blair: "Well, I understand that's the case against, but obviously it's not the case that I accept."

- 'Tony Blair's Foreign Policy', Today programme, Radio 4, 22nd February 2007. Podcast available at iTunes Store.

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