5 February 2007

On infrastructure. Like the rest of Dublin the internet wasn't working at Google this morning. Layers of irony. Yesterday evening, because Sunday engineering works made the trains to Birmingham unusable I used the (even more overstretched) UK road network - namely National Express to Brum. After the tailbacks you end up in Digbeth bus station, which is no use for the airport. Especially when the buses won't accept UK currency (come on, a fiver) and there's a taxi driver stopped in the street arguing with a racist drunk who won't pay him.

In Ireland I've been trying to get broadband for over a month now. Magnet Entertainment misplaced my contract twice and Eircom said they couldn't install a phone line because my flat doesn't exist. Ah, whimsy. Bring on municipal wireless. But my favourite infrastructure quirk is that lately in our bathroom here, instead of cold water, we've been connected to some other flat's hot water supply too. So the only way to shower without scalding is to use up theirs till it's tepid and mix in our own hot water as needed.


  1. Not only are you hilarious. You're also alive!!! Connie told me about your blog. I'll do a thorough reading and let you know how much of my sensibilities you've disturbed.
    Salam, Doug!

  2. Yay! Hi Shero!

    I hope you're well! No, you're hilarious.

    In the end they'll probably get me for crimes against punctuation; so, more sense than sensibility. Meanwhile, I'm guessing that your writing is online somewhere. But where...