3 March 2007

Maslow's Hierarchy of Sandwich Needs:

sundried tomatoes
melted cheese and toasting
fresh basil
sundry condiments
some kind of meat product
sliced tomato/cucumber


  1. Hey Douglas, I met someone on campus today who claims to be able to quote almost all the dialogue from The Search for the Values of Western Civilization. Guess which bit she said she liked best?

    Cube With 'Tude of course. No, really, this actually happened. I'm thinking of asking John-Michael to make it an animated feature.

  2. Arrgh, no!

    Cube With 'Tude
    - "the Archie Bunker of geometric shapes"™

    Just no.

    Anyway, you couldn't make an animated feature starring "Cube With 'Tude" because "Cube With 'Tude" isn't an animated character. He's just a cube. Sometimes he's lit differently to convey emotion. But he's not animated.

    Does the world really need a short film starring a bigoted geometric shape?

  3. O reason not the need.