26 March 2007

This is quite pleasing. It's not entirely a game.


  1. Damn you, I'm trying to get some work done. I got 1098 on my second try though, which seemed pretty good.

    Lots of people have been asking after you - I've been telling them that you're in L.A. pitching Cube With 'Tude: The Musical.

  2. HA! I got 1122 on my first try . . . not that this is a competition or anything.

  3. 1829. Victory is mine!

  4. You're both doing very well.

    "1829. Victory is mine!" Isn't that a famous quotation? Who said that?

    I'm watching the swimming and the commentator just said, "That's what your face looks like when you've just broken the world record by 1.7 seconds". But I wasn't watching. I may never know.

  5. 2897! Oh!

    And I have witnesses!