14 April 2007

The state of Singapore frowns upon S&M, but still has corporal punishment. Perhaps the punishment is worse than the crime?


  1. Maybe if the Singaporean police find two people engaged in S&M they punish them by making them switch roles?

    My philosophy teacher at Oxford once told me this joke about a sadist and a masochist:

    Masochist: Hit me!
    Sadist: No.
    Masochist: Thank you.
    Sadist: My pleasure.

  2. Sadism and masochism are remarkably complementary that way aren't they? Isn't this evidence for intelligent design?

  3. Evidence for ID? Probably not, but it does seem interesting that people who regard the idea that men and women are naturally complementary with scorn and suspicion are often willing to believe that folks who are into S&M have fetishes that fit together as neatly as lego bricks.

    If I ever form a punk band I'm going to call it "Asymmetrical Skepticism." I think it's safe to say it will not be succesful.