4 June 2007

From the 1972 essay 'Deciphering a meal'.

Ceci n'est pas un plat.

Mary Douglas passed away last month. Insightful, clear and disproportionately influential from her vantage on the periphery.

In a genuinely unconnected item, have you noticed how with every update Windows Media Player seems to be able to play less and less media? I'd been using the free VLC media player for all the files Windows Media Player couldn't open up till now, and last night as I was trying to re-watch my region 1 copy of Punch-Drunk Love I realised VLC even works for playing other region DVDs. I love being able to watch DVDs I've paid for.

1 comment:

  1. Soon, all Windows Media Player will be able to play will be the 24 hour live streaming video of Bill Gates telling you about the merits of Vista.