14 August 2007

When I first heard about Street View on Google Maps I felt genuinely proud to be working for a company that's doing this - the innovation and the boldness of vision. Then I learnt about this project to pay people to walk about with digital cameras collecting information about their local businesses (opening times, etc). To me, the audacity of it is what's appealing.

Here's an interesting (and possibly apocryphal) fact. Did you know: The "Forbidden City" in Beijing, China was first called the Forbidden City because the Ming Emperors were originally refused planning permission for it. They went ahead and built it anyway despite massive bureaucratic opposition. It still stands today as testimony to the Chinese rejection of red tape.

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  1. I can't wait until Google finally put chips in our teeth so they can track our position on google maps at all times. Now that will be audacious.

    Of course it won't work in my case because this tinfoil hat will protect me.

    Hi Douglas, give me a call when you get a chance.