1 January 2008

Japan to chair the G8 this year. A club so rich that even its protesters can afford Japanese prices.


  1. Can gorillas become sumo wrestlers?

  2. Honoured, sir, by your visit.

    On balance, I think not. A fuller answer follows:

    Unqualified as I am to answer your question authoritatively, I offer the following as a provisional answer. While sumo has become more accepting of non-Japanese wrestlers in recent decades, there is as yet no precedent for the participation of non-humans.

    If we consider that the strict codes shaping the practice of Sumo are framed in discourses of nationalism, tradition and purity, it is perhaps easier to appreciate why the codes are relatively inflexible and hence why it may prove difficult at the present time for a gorilla to become a sumo wrestler.

    Your no-nonsense spirit of well-spoken japing is warmly welcomed Mr Bananas.