6 February 2008

Happy lunar new year! Just celebrated Chinese New Year with our landlady's family. Separately, here's a global visualisation of twitter. And here's a message for Windows Vista: Vista, every time I plugged in a microphone you used to ask me if I wanted to use the microphone as a microphone. I chose yes. Then one day I also ticked the box to say "don't ask me again". Since then you've refused to recognise any microphones at all. Please, ask me again.

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  1. Here's a fix for the Vista mic problem. Open "Control Panel", go into the audio settings - "Hardware and Sound" - and click on "SigmaTel Audio". Tick the box "Allow reconfiguration Pop-Ups". Now, next time you plug in a mic, Vista will perversely ask you whether you want to use it as a mic again. Phew.