17 April 2008

Switching between tabs in a browser is replacing switching between windows as a frequent move. So what's the equivalent of Alt+Tab for flipping between two tabs? There isn't one. Instead, there's Ctrl+Tab for flicking to the next tab to the right or Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc to bring up the nth tab along. Just so you know.


  1. Glad to see you touching on the really serious stuff.

    I never liked alt-tab as a window switcher because it only oscillates between the last 2 windows and we've normally got more than that in current use. The window-picker thing is annoying in other ways.

    I have a tilt-wheel mouse on all my workstations and configure left-tilt as shift-ctl-tab and right-tilt as ctl-tab as I am constantly switching between tabs in a window; far more often than scrolling left and right.

  2. Hello!

    This seems like a good use of the left and right tilt. I expect I need to get a better mouse!

    Yeah, I thought it was about time I addressed weightier matters of UI :)