6 May 2008

A small but significant development in Google Reader. There's talk of "Adding a friend". Some of my friends have already been decided for me and disconcertingly I can now "Manage friends >>". Online items I choose to share will appear on my public page. I can annotate these or I can also simply write notes (just off the top of my head). But wait, don't I already have a "My Profile" in Google Maps full of reviews and maps? (Not really, but yes.) And what about my YouTube "channel" (with friends, the option of Active Sharing and the curiously public favourites). And doesn't Picasa have a public gallery and an activity stream of "Favorites"? Perhaps Orkut also has some kind of social functionality? If only there was one company that could somehow unify these features and yet adopted interoperability standards such as OpenSocial and OpenID.

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