11 May 2011

On US academia: "'Going to grad school’s a suicide mission.'... At Yale, we were overjoyed if half our graduating students found positions. That’s right — half. Imagine running a medical school on that basis... What we have in academia, in other words, is a microcosm of the American economy as a whole: a self-enriching aristocracy, a swelling and increasingly immiserated proletariat, and a shrinking middle class."


  1. On the most part, we still have an education system based on an outdated view of the industrial economy.
    Is the world not quite a different place to that of the 1940's?
    Seeing as the global marketplace (for persons and products) have shifted and continue to do so, how come we educate children and young adults in a factory line fashion, then let them loose in a world of few borders?...
    Where entrepreneurship succeeds in adult life, why are there so many wrong and right answers at school??

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment!

    I think you'll appreciate the following two Ken Robinson videos - if you've not seen them already. The first is his 2006 TED Talk (19m29s), the second is an animation based on a 2010 RSA talk (11m41s).