5 May 2012

Article: on a contemporary courtesan economy - the clubs, the good ones - http://goo.gl/PNCzG
"On a recent Thursday night around 2 a.m., 1Oak is packed. The tables, U-booths near the D.J., are spotted with candles and spired with bottles of Grey Goose. Under the jaundiced glow of the spotlights, there are hands on rears and girls in small dresses and men in shiny striped shirts. They have carefully chosen their clothes and they have spent time in front of mirrors trimming hair from nostrils and tonight is about sex and status and supply and demand and have and have not. After Jay-Z and Lady Gaga have had their third and fourth plays of the evening, thumping up from the floor comes the Kings of Leon, their song 'Use Somebody.'" 
(6300 words, New York Magazine from 2 years ago; via MetaFilter)

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