5 August 2012

Video: On Facebook and other social media - http://vimeo.com/46239783
"Where we kind of say, basically, 'look how awesome my life is'. That's sort of the subtext... And that's a strange thing, I think, this living life as a promotional exercise to market ourselves to others... We're living at this really interesting moment right now where there's a small group of people, mainly guys, mainly between 22 and around 35, mainly living in San Francisco and New York... actually changing the daily behaviour patterns of a huge percentage of the human species... through the design of very addictive software - that is designed to be addictive... these companies operate in an economy of attention, human attention. Which is, by the way, a finite resource, the same way oil and energy is..." 
 - Jonathan Harris
(53m06s; skip to 38m30s, then 46m30s)

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