11 August 2012

Video: on "Generation Sell" and political disengagement - http://vimeo.com/46254409 
"I see food carts, boutique pickle companies, boutiques, techie startups, urban farming supply stores, hipsters making wallets out of recycled plastic, bottled water that wants to save the planet, website ventures. And then I realised that the social form, the Millennial social form, it was right in front of me all along and I couldn't see it because I was looking for something a little more visionary, but it is in fact the small business."

(46m44s; article,1800 words)

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  1. He starts strongly, with some good observations, then ends with next to nothing.

    In the question time he says "What's going to replace capitalism?", then almost brushes it aside with a whatever. I think I'm getting a bit tired of people just pointing out the problems, and not giving solutions, or working towards them.