8 December 2005

This evening as I cycled [biked] to campus to perform in an improv comedy show with Humor Artists of Notre Dame (HAND), three young lads ran alongside me on the pavement [sidewalk] across from me and then circled onto the road [street] to intercept me. The last time something like this had happened here (on Howard Street) I had been punched in the head. See 4th November. So I got off my bicycle, tried to turn it as they approached, ran out of time and ran. One of them got on my bike and I told him to get off it. Another asked me if I had money. They drew closer. I ran again and the young man who had punched me in the head a month ago chased me getting close enough for me to see him grinning. Several cars approached and went past. I was in the middle of the road. Eventually the three of them drifted back into the darkness. As I returned to my bike a lady called to me from the doorway of her house. It was the mother of the grinning teenager. I went inside their home and we talked, the three of us. I explained that I can't keep doing this. Then I went to perform some comedy.

In Glasgow these teenagers would be neds, in the north of England scallies. Here they are black youths.

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