2 March 2006

So I was chatting with a bunch of Europeans (incidentally, how to get Europeans to believe we have "Europeanness" in common? Send them to the States) and we were trying to figure out why it is that we Europäischen are so negative. Why is there status in cynicism? Kudos in disillusionment? Why is world-weariness a sign of maturity in Europe and the upbeat are somehow not to be trusted, no? "Can't do" mentality. And it's great because looking back, we were meta-complaining about how the Europeans just love to complain. It's about giving something back, we never say. How did we come to disdain all this as mawkish?

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  1. It's like watching Martin Bashir interview Michael Jackson. Jackson comes off better because Bashir's British cynicism is so rotten.