31 January 2007

I spent today at work sitting on a massive red inflatable ball. It's great!

In other news, very large database (VLDB) fans will be interested to learn that the US Automated Targeting System is being picked up by EU parliamentarians keen to find out what European personal data is getting assimilated.

Back in 2000 the Department of Defense faced some of these privacy implications when it was data mining all US government databases (as well as something called the World Wide Web) for relationships and risky people. I'm guessing the technology has come a long way.

"We... need to think carefully how we want to deal with a capability which can gather such information into one cross-referenced super-data base."

- Rear Admiral Michael F. Lohr, Judge Advocate General Corps, US Navy, then Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 14th April 2000 (p.47 [p.53 of PDF]).

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