1 February 2007

After a row over performances of The Vagina Monologues, last year University of Notre Dame students put on Loyal Daughters. I got an email today about interviews for this year's Loyal Daughters and Sons: Sexuality and Sexual Assault as told by Notre Dame Students. It ends, "What: Discussion of female experience at Notre Dame, with a focus on sexual assault. (Males are encouraged to participate.)"

People bandy about the term "culture wars" in the US and they certainly get worked up about it. On this side of the Atlantic it conversely seems more politic to be upset about Catholics than about sexuality, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. In a long, but probably sage article from Monday's Guardian, Madeleine Bunting writes: "Increasingly, the stridency with which the non-religious attack the religious belies their own profound insecurity - that the progress they like to attribute to western or enlightenment values is a much-compromised property." Bunting decries this grandstanding as a shrill distraction. What about the claim that we need a little, controversy, because it feels so empty without purported normativity?

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