29 September 2007

There are just under 14 million combinations possible in the UK national lottery. So the thing is, if the jackpot goes over £14m, you can buy a ticket in every combination and you will win. And if you don't share the jackpot you're going to at least recoup your investment. Same thing with yesterday's EuroMillions £88m jackpot. But you need to buy over 76 million tickets to cover the combinations, and as they were £1.50 each it didn't make as good financial sense as you'd think.


  1. Right, but you risk losing money in this scheme if a couple other people also happen to have the winning numbers and you have to split the pot.

  2. Spencer!! Hello! Too true. I hope you're well! Keep fighting the good fight at FOXNews.com.

  3. I'm afraid I'm with AOL now. I suppose that makes us mortal enemies...

  4. Not at all, good for you!

    In the UK, AOL was once advertised by a woman actually dressed in the internet. If you can imagine such a thing.

    Because of her I've pretty much forgiven AOL for the "free trial" CD they sent out repeatedly at the beginning of home internet.

    At work, do you have cats? Do you post amusing photos of them with captions? Like, "I made you a cookie... but I eated it."

    :) You should!

    You could make a site like halolcats.com.